“Education is not principal of life, education is life itself.”
-John Dewey

Education begins at birth and continues through life. It’s a lifelong process. District Institute of Education & Continuous Professional Development (DIECPD) is completely focusing on to provide a support centre to our teachers through vigorous training programs for their professional development.

The DIETs were envisaged in the National Policy of Education 1986 & were created by Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development in the early 1990 to strengthen elementary education to the district level. For achieving the qualitative improvement in education & the objective of Pragat Shaikshanik Maharashtra (PSM) Programme, Govt. of Maharashtra passed a Government Resolution (GR) dated 17 Oct., 2016 for strengthening DIETs & it reformed the Institution a District Institute of Education & Continuous Professional Development.

The Govt. of Maharashtra has passed a GR of Pragat Shaikshanik Maharashtra (PSM) programme on 22 June, 2015 for the Qualitative improvement of school education. This GR has paved the way for imparting quality education to children. It has broadly underlined the functions & roles to be performed by the training institutions like ours.

The educational needs of today are very different from those of the past because of progress of Science & technology. The teachers as well as students must be equipped with the skills required to face the challenges of future. The Institution therefore, has been undertaking a great leap in integrating information & communication technology into training programmes and motivating the teacher to implement the same I classroom to make teaching learning process effective. As it has been mentioned in PSM the on demand training programmes are being organized for teachers. The four branches of the Institution, mainly Administration, Planning & Management; Pre-Service & In-Service training; Curriculum Development & Evaluation; Information & Communication Technology and Informal Education, striving their level best for achieving the goal of the Institution. I take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders. The Institution always tries its best to maintain the highest quality professional standard.

--- Dr. Kamaladevi Awate